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Stephanie is a non-binary (SHE/HER) young adult author who enjoys expressing herself through writing. She specializes in romantic fantasies and loves all things magical and heart-wrenching. Living in Indiana with her husband and two teenagers, Stephanie is a lifelong Midwestern. She enjoys building worlds and has a passion for blending genres, surprising readers with twists, and providing happy endings.


A graduate of International Business College, Stephanie is a professional graphic designer who dreams of one day becoming a published author. While she hasn’t achieved her goal yet, Stephanie has been fortunate to meet amazing writers and editors along the way. Plus, she's learned a lot from them. She's also worked at a newspaper in the advertising department and volunteered as the social media coordinator for #Writerinmotion (a Twitter blog series) which has given her experience in marketing. When she's not writing, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, binge-watching Netflix, and collecting more books than she can possibly read.

Despite knowing all her stories won't be published, she loves writing and sharing them with anyone willing to read.


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