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Stephanie Whitaker




I write stories, most of which are strange and twisty and filled with interesting characters with curious problems. 

After earning a degree in graphic design, I went on to work for a newspaper and currently manage a print shop filled with a bunch of goofballs that can always put a smile on my face. I live surrounded by corn fields in the vast open stretches of Indiana with my husband, two kids, three cats, and an English Bulldog, who knows how to clear a room with a single fart.

Fun Facts about Me:

     •   According to 23andMe and my mom who was obsessed with genealogy and carted my

          three siblings and I to libraries and cemeteries nearly every weekend, I am mostly of 

          Irish decent.

     •   I was diagnosed with Idiopathic scoliosis at seventeen. Which is a spinal deformity causing my spine to be

         S shaped.

     •   I enjoy fishing and canoeing, despite my inability to swim.

     •   My first job was as a fitting room attendant at a local store, where I met my husband.

     •   I put myself through college (first in my family) by working night shifts at a fast-food

         restaurant, and attended classes during the day.

     •   My weaknesses are brownies, gummy bears, and cherry cheesecake.

     •   My contest story, Hi!PE made the shortlist for the Wattpad Open Novella Contest in 2019 with an

          honorable mention. https://www.wattpad.com/user/swhitaker80 AND I've entered another story for this


     •   I took part in #WriterInMotion on Twitter and for the second round was chosen as the Social Media        

         Coordinator for the writer blog series. https://writerinmotion.com/

     •   In honor of my dad, who loved cars and passed away from lung/bone cancer in 2015, I add a Ford Mustang

         to most of my stories.

     •   I enjoy watching Korean and Chinese Dramas on Netflix.

         (Love Alarm / Boys Over Flowers / Oh My Ghost / Accidentally In Love to name a few)

     •   I’m actually an awkward, anime loving teenage girl, trapped in a defective adult body.


Favorite Music: Today's Top Hits / Imagine Dragons / Maroon 5 / Bebe Rexha / Shawn Mendes / Halsey / The Score / The Cab / Lauv / Jonas Bros / Pink / Katy Perry / Bryce Fox / Ed Sheeran / Billie Eilish / BTS / MonstaX / Sam Smith / Taylor Swift /+more

Favorite TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy / Game of Thrones / The Walking Dead / Supernatural / The Handmaid's Tale / Awkward / The Good Place / Chicago Med



Defying Gravity

Genre: YA Paranormal Scifi

Status: Complete

Five hundred years ago, becoming vampires & boarding a space station with limited life support was mankind's last hope. But when a disease breaks out, the only cure a pill that will return their humanity, it means certain death for all if Earth can't once again sustain life. With too many failed exploratory missions, the council votes to abandon Earth for an uncharted planet, risking those already infected.

Now Ari, a 516-year-old vampire girl, must face her fear of flying to save her infected best friend. Stealing a ship, she races to prove Earth can once again sustain life, before the station makes the jump that will mean certain death for her friend. Only Ari never counted on a human stowaway or having to protect him on a space station full of vampires, like herself.

COMPS: Disney Pixar's Wall-e + Vampires / The 100 / The Space Between Us

Comments From Beta Readers:

"Vampires in space! What!? I had to read it and I wasn't disappointed." J.W.


Shadow Heart

Genre: YA Fantasy

Status: Current #WIP

Extended version of #WriterInMotion Round 2 Story


Eastnoria is a country divided.

The Nor keeps his people in line by forcing the magically gifted to declare themselves when their abilities emerge, keeping them from the grasps of the Breakers and adding strength to his hold on Eastnoria.

While the Breakers insist that the Goddesses have chosen a new heir. One that will reunite the country and dethrone the false Nor. But one wrong move and the Heir is struck down.

Now his bodyguard and best friend, seventeen-year-old Dristan, will do anything to bring him back to life, including infiltrating the enemy’s army.

Only he never counted on Zia.

Sixteen-year-old Zia, a village girl with magic and a hazy past, has one goal. Bring her twin back to life after she is killed by Breakers. Even if that means using her magic, dressing like a man, and joining the Nor’s army to become a Nightwalker. An unrivaled warrior with two souls.

COMPS: The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard / Mulan



Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

Status: Complete

Seventeen-year-old amputee, Remi Alexander, is a Runner for camps full of survivors of an alien invasion. She warns them of impending attacks, but never stays long enough to develop any deep relationships. Fearing those responsible for her parent’s murder are still hunting her for the key her mom gave her the day she died, Remi avoids settling in any of the camps. All while keeping her prosthetic arm a secret. The similarity of her metal appendage to that of the armored aliens severs her further from the other survivors. But she longs for the life she had before the invasion and the ability to stop running from her traumatic past.

When she stumbles into and saves Caspian—her former crush and the one responsible for the loss of her arm—she reveals more about her parent’s deaths than she ever intended. Fearful of Caspian’s intentions and her repressed emotions, she flees when he shows an unusual interest in the key her mom gave her. But a smart-mouthed sharpshooter, named Arson gives her a taste of the life she so desperately wants, and her armor of avoidance begins to crumble.

When she discovers both boys are keeping secrets, she will have to figure out who to trust when Reapers attack the camp and Caspian tries to convince her that she holds the key to ending the alien invasion. If only she can stop running long enough to face her fears and insecurities before she loses everything and everyone she loves, all over again.

COMPS: The 5th Wave / Terminator

Comments From Beta Readers:

"I couldn't stop reading." J.W.

"Remi is one of those characters I could really relate with and root for. She never lets her disability drag her down. She powers through and it is inspiring." - B. C. 


The King's Magic

Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

Status: Editing

Seventeen-year-old Princess Theadessa is good at keeping secrets: her mother’s illness, the Shadow Demon persona she dawns to join in street fights, her love for her best friend, and the truth of how the magic passes from one king to the next. Her secrets are in danger when war threatens to reach Parthian’s borders. Because, in the kingdom of Parthian, only the royal family possesses magic and when her mother passes the magic will choose Theadessa’s match, and the next king, and he could be anyone.

Seeking power, the neighboring kingdoms send their princes to capture Theadessa’s heart and gain the magic they believe comes with the crown. Overwhelmed by a palace full of power-hungry princes and her mother’s illness, Theadessa sneaks away from the castle and searches for a cure.

When a letter arrives, promising a cure, Theadessa leaps at the chance to postpone her accent to the throne and save her mother. But she soon discovers she isn’t the only one who has been keeping secrets. Kidnapped, Theadessa will have to fight back against those who would use her for the magic she possesses or learn to trust her heart and the magic she resents.

COMPS: The Selection by Kiera Cass \ The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.

Comments From Beta Readers:

"The romance is swoon-worthy, the magic intriguing, the action scenes excellent! And you have a great cast of characters."  - Paulette W.


Within Reach

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Status: Complete

17 year-old Augustus and his best friend, Jackson are your typical seniors in high school. That is what Jackson has led Augustus to believe. 

Unknown to Augustus, Jackson is his Guardian Angel. But Augustus wasn't always Jackson's only charge. Jackson lost one and he's not about to lose another.

When they hear the first scream out by the lake, Jackson's first thought is to protect Augustus.

They find is a girl, bloodied and beaten, only she's not just a girl. She is an Angel sent to investigate a growing horde of demons building in the sleepy town of Glenwood, IN. 

Together, the three of them will have to work together to figure out why the demons seem hell bent on killing all three of them.

Comments From Beta Readers:

"Your descriptions are stunningly beautiful!"  - K. Blackwood

"You did an exceptional job of world building and characterization." - Saph

Can be read for FREE on Wattpad.


The Anger You Hold

Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Status: Complete


One accident and Charlie lost her life. Her death was a mistake, one she wishes she could go back and change, along with all the cruel things she said to her family before she died.

Dead and miserable, Charlie awaits her final judgment along with thousands of other lost souls, including a charismatic spirit named Adam. When a Reaper shows up with a personal invitation to join The Tournament of Souls where the winner gets their life back with a clean slate, Charlie jumps at the chance. She believes it is her only chance to make things right. However, the Tournament proves harder than she ever imagined.

There are dark bargains that are unknown to her and allies with untold secrets. When it comes down to it, Charlie's sanity will be tested, and she will be forced to face her own worst demons to set her life right. Sometimes it takes Death to make some people realize just how much they have to lose.


Some blood / violence / Mention of Suicide


Comments From Beta Readers:

"Parachute guy is so funny, sweet and endearing that I almost wished he was the main character."

"I gasped out loud at the twist. I didn't see it coming and it pulled the rug out from under me, but in a good way."

- Katherina M.

Long-Listed for Open Novella Contest

Can be read for FREE on Wattpad.



Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Status: Complete


Chloe Davis doesn't do drugs, but it's New Year's Eve in Times Square with her best friends and the pressure is on. There is no saying no this time, but as she always feared, everything goes wrong when she says yes for the very first time.

She's never taken drugs before, and what she experiences is so out of this world she thinks that it all must be a crazy hi!ped-up hallucination. People screaming and attacking each other. Blood drenching the ground and Holden Jones coming to her rescue.

Holden, on the other hand, finds himself faced with a dilemma, save the hot girl and her friend or get his stupid butt out of the mother freakin' zombie-filled city on his own. Too bad for him he's a nice guy. With only his dad to worry about he finds himself pulled into Chloe's drama. The drama that only seems to get deeper as the days wear on and the complications keep coming.


Some language, drug use, blood violence


Comments From Beta Readers:

"Yes, there's a twist! But without spoiling too much else, this story throws some very well implemented curveballs that kept us turning the figurative pages" - The Open Novella Contest Judges

"This has been such a good story! I’ve never really been into the whole zombie craze, but I really enjoyed the twists you took with it and how real all the characters felt. So deserves to be on the shortlist"

Short-Listed for Open Novella Contest

And an honorable mention from the Judges.

Can be read for FREE on Wattpad.


Passing Notes

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Status: A work in progress



Stevi Swift is a talented singer and sister to the country's hottest popstar, but singing isn't her passion. Nothing matters more than raising enough money before graduation to escape overseas to culinary school... until Kai, her pen-pal from Korea unexpectedly emails, asking to meet up.

A member of the K-Pop group, NEO-X, Park Kai-Yoon, struggles with social anxiety, hiding behind a mask to perform. When he's on stage as K.O, he's a whole other person-freed from his uncontrollable self-doubt. But when the mask comes off, the only person he can really talk to is Stevi. 

The two share emails and everything about their lives, except their connections to the music industry. Neither of them ever expected to meet in person-or experience the undeniable chemistry that sparks between them when they do. But when Stevi's parents pull her out of school to compete in a music contest sponsored by NEO-X and her famous sister's record label, it threatens both of their secrets.

Now Stevi must make a choice-focus on her culinary dreams and leave Kai behind or take a risk and maybe find love hidden behind a mask.

It my first try at a Contemporary Romance. ❤️
Passing Notes is a #OWNVOICE story. 
I wish I could say it's because I'm a K-Pop Idol, but sadly I'm not. I've struggled with social anxiety since I was really young. #Anxietyisreal

Comments From Beta Readers:

"I love it! And I know I'm going to love these characters." F. Younis

Can be read for FREE on Wattpad.


Favorite Quote:

"One must always be careful of books and what is inside them,

for words have the power to change us.

- Cassandra Clare



One of the greatest perks of writing is getting feedback and interacting with readers. Contact me if you’ve got any comments or questions for me, I’d love to hear from you.

Indiana USA

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