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It's that time again!

#WriterInMotion is a great opportunity to work on my writing process and see the changes in real time. This is my fifth time taking part in #WriterInMotion and I'm excited to see what the prompt photo will be. In the past, it has helped me come up with some really unique story ideas that have ultimately become full length manuscripts. I'm also thrilled to be able to work with different people and learn more about my writing style and others.

My goal for this writing experience is to learn as much as I can from the process and make more lasting writer connections.

Ultimately, #WriterInMotion is a 5 Week writing series in which all kinds of authors get the chance to write a short story based on a prompt photo. The story doesn't have to be a specific genre. It can be Young Adult, Middle Grade, or Adult. The only real steadfast rule is that it must be 500 to 1000 words and no longer. Each week writers share their story on the #WriterInMotion Forum or their blog (or both) as it evolves from first draft to finished.

Here is a snapshot of the schedule:

  • Writers will post the messy first draft of their short stories to their blogs or the forum by September 25.

  • October 2nd is the second draft, posted after each writer goes through their own self-revisions.

  • That version is then submitted to Critic Partners for review and feedback.

  • October 9th's third draft will be posted after the CP review and our revisions made based on their suggestions.

  • This version is then sent on for editorial review. (not sure how they are doing it this year, but normally an editor is assigned to the writer randomly)

  • October 16 is the final draft, which is always an interesting comparison to everyone's first draft post at the beginning of the #WriterInMotion journey.

  • After that, writers are encouraged to reflect on the process as a whole and share what they've learned and enjoyed about the process.


As for my own personal process, I tend to lean about on my Graphic Design skills and create a photo board and sometimes a cover, but that isn't required. It just helps me visualize the characters better and get more of a feel of the mood of the story. But to each their own.

I'm excited to be taking part in #WriterInMotion again and can't wait to see the prompt photo. It's to be shared today (September 18th, 2022) and sure to spark something within me and that alone makes doing this worth it to me.

Thanks for reading and keep watching for when I share the prompt photo and my first initial thoughts...

- Steph Whitaker

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